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BAKKIE 040, Tell your story, change the world 
Client: Springplank040

BAKKIE040 is a new start for (former) homeless people. In our coffee bar they are trained as baristas and they gain valuable (catering) work experience and contacts. In return, they get a roof over their heads. Once their lives are back on track, it's the turn of the next baristas on the street.

This special project originated from the future scenario for Springplank040, got off the ground thanks to the collection campaign. The aim of the campaign was twofold: to draw more attention to the growing problem of homelessness and to raise enough money for BAKKIE040.



Circular Black Pine Cabin
Client: private
Partner: Juul Vanleysen

We build a circular home that makes housing construction affordable and sustainable without compromising on quality and beauty.

Thanks to this circular strategy, we not only reduce the waste flow from the traditional construction industry, but for us the concept of a circular home is to do better, have a more gentle life and more gentle impact on the place we all love. 'Cause we are all just visitors who are just passing by."


Homeless shelter future-oriented transformed
Partner: Cas De Haan
By showing that it is indeed possible to turn a house into a home with a limited budget. The complete interior of the entire building costed just under 5000 €. All materials are secondhand and thus give soul to these spaces. By drawing up a future scenario, we provide the entire organization with guidance for the future and for the expantion in different cities trough the Netherlands
Museum of the future
Partner: Turnaround bvba
By shifting the focus on, and in collaboration with the end users and partners in the immediate environment , growth was taken for granted and a platform and a physical space were created from which the “museum of the future” was shown to and experienced by society. Health, High-Tech and Creativity all combined.
Sustainable Growth & Future strategy.
Partner: Straight Business Partners
By going back to the essential values ​​of the family business with a high-quality re-branding and starting from here, it was possible to make short-term profit and to use it for long-term thinking with the aim of developing a sustainable family business, which with its “roadmap for the future” is agile for these changing times.